The best Vue.js Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Have you been waiting for the sale of the year? Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are ON! We're going to collect all the awesome offers for Vue.js developers in 2019 πŸ’Έ

Be sure to check back regularly this week to not miss any deals!

Black Friday Discounts on Products for Vue.js Developers

Vue School – 40% off

Vue.js Video Courses

Level up your Vue skills with the awesome video courses by Vue School. They're taught by industry experts and core team members of Vue.js. We can only recommend them to beginners as well as more advanced developers!

The courses will teach you all about Nuxt, Unit Testing, Jest, Dynamic Forms and so many more topics around the Vue.js ecosystem.

Vue School is offering 40% off their courses right now! πŸŽ‰

Creative Tim Template Sale – 95% off

Bundles with Vue.js, Vuetify & NuxtJS templates

Creative Tim has bundled up their versatile admin dashboards and UI Kits at an insane 90% discount! They offer material design templates, as well as templates designed by the awesome designers at InVision. You get premium support and free product updates as well.

Their bundles consist of up to 54 templates. Check out the deals to get them 90% off the regular price!

MDBootstrap Insanity Sale - up to 90% off

Material Design UI Kit & Admin Dashboard

MDB offers a material design UI Kit and an admin dashboard in a Vue.js version. By now they already have 500+ UI elements in their growing collection.

In their insanity sale, they offer bundles for their Vue products for up to 75% off, and a bundle of all their products for 90% off! Their offers are limited, so you should hurry up to grab one!

Take a look at their template bundles now!

Udemy – up to 95% off

Vue.js video courses for only €9.99

Udemy is offering all of their courses at €9.99 until Nov 29! You can now grab courses that normally cost up to €199.99 for that price.

There are 141 Vue.js courses to choose from, for example these popular ones:

WrapPixel Template Sale – 50-95% off

Template Bundles and Single Template Discounts

WrapPixel has bundled up all their templates (Vue.js, Bootstrap, Angular, React) and offer them at 95% off from $79!

If you don't need the whole bundle, you can use their coupon code BF2019 to get 50% off a single template. This means you'll get their Vuesax / Vue.js Admin Template for just $19.5 right now!

Check out WrapPixel's templates & Black Friday Deals now!

Laraform – 70% off

Form Builder for Laravel & Vue.js

Laraform is a full-stack form builder for Vue.js & Laravel. It consists of two separate libraries for frontend and backend which can be used together or on their own.

Laraform offers a solution where you can create a single class that contains all details of a form, including its elements, validation rules, custom processing logic, database model, etc.

They offer 70% off for Black Friday, so you can grab their pro version for $199. There's also a discount for buying two licenses for only $250 with the coupon code BROSCODE.

Take a look at Laraforms features and deals!

Courses by Flavio Copes – $29 instead of $129

Courses to learn about JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Node.js, Web Platforms & Next.js

Flavio teaches and writes about all things JavaScript. His courses are text-based lessons with lots of samples and source code material to help you build your own apps quickly.

Flavio is running a promo for Black Friday, giving away each course for only $29 instead of the regular $129. You can also subscribe to all of Flavio's courses, including 1 new course per month for $239.88 instead of $479 per year.

Check out Flavio's Course deals!

newline Books – up to 50% off

Guides for JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Node.js and more

Newline publishes programming books and guides – f.ex. Fullstack Vue, a complete guide to Vue.js by Hassan Djirdeh! For Black Friday, they bundled up their collection and you can get their books for up to 50% off.

Packt Publishing – up to 95% off

Vue.js Books & Videos

Packt is offering all their books and videos (not only Vue.js ones!) for only $10 in their Black Friday Sale – even their newest ones published in November!

You can save up to 95% ✨

Check out all of their Vue.js Books & Courses for $10!

Black Friday Discounts on Hosting

Cloudways - 40% off

Cloud hosting platform Cloudways is offering 40% off all their hosting plans for 3 months, so you can get started for as little as $6 per month right now, and save up to $144.

Use the promo code BFCM40 to seal the deal. Check out Cloudway's offers now!

Deals for Apps #madewithvuejs

Changelogfy – 50% off

Changelogfy is a tool for publishing your software & product release notes. It helps you keep your users engaged with product update announcements and lets them subscribe to your changelog.

They're offering 50% off their paid plans for Black Friday!

Changelogfy Public Changelog Pages
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Infinity - Exclusive Lifetime Deals

Infinity is a work management tool that helps teams to organize everything in one place and get more done. It's super customizable and can adapt to workflows and complex project setups.

They're offering lifetime memberships starting at $99 exclusively for Black Friday!

Infinity Project Management Platform
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Domain Book – 40% off

Domain Book is a Domain Management App built with Electron & Vue.js availaible for MacOS. It lets you manage all your domains from various registrars in one place.

They're offering a Black Friday discount of 40% if you use the code BF2019!

Domain Book Domain Management App
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