Best Vue.js Datepickers & Calendars 2021

Why create a custom calendar yourself, if there are so many really great Vue.js components already?

We've collected our favourite calendars & datepickers based on whether they are well maintained, easy to use, look nice and provide a good UX. This list will grow over time, and it's in no particular order.

If you think I'm missing an essential entry on this list (or one of them is deprecated and I didn't notice!) - let me know via Twitter @MadeWithVueJS!

V-Calendar 3239

V-Calendar is a calendar component as well as a DatePicker. The calendar supports highlights and popovers, the DatePicker supports single dates, multiple dates and date range selections. 

It's very customizable and lets you easily disable certain date patterns like weekends or the first Monday of every month.

A+ for style and animation! Oh, and the documentation is awesome, too. We use(d) it in a lot of projects, including itself!

V-Calendar Calendar & Datepicker Component
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Vue Cal 815

Vue Cal's motto is "no dependency, no bullshit", and that summarizes it pretty well. It does not only offer a flexible, feature-rich date picker, but full calendar views as well – so if you need both in your apps you should definitely check this out.

Vue Cal Date Picker & Calendar Component
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Vue Functional Calendar 387

We are also watching this component evolve, as it offers a lot of options to use it. It supports picking (multiple) dates, date ranges and times, as well as marking dates. UX-wise, it has nice functionalities that help users pick their desired dates quickly, and it also comes with a dark theme out of the box!

Vue Functional Calendar Calendar Component
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Vue Datetime 984

vue-datetime is a mobile friendly DateTime Picker that supports date- and datetime mode. You can configure disabled dates and it supports localisation. Simple & functional!

Vue Datetime Mobile-friendly Datetime Picker
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Vue Hotel DatePicker  723

This DatePicker is a great fit for booking platforms and goes one step further compared to the AirBnB DatePicker. It's a responsive component that displays the number of nights selected and has features for custom check-in/check-out rules, localisation, minimum/maximum nights selected and more.

It doesn't support single date selection, though and is crafted with a check-in / check-out-date use case in mind.

Vue Hotel Datepicker Date-Range Picker Component
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Vue CtkDateTimePicker 790

Date, Time and DateTime Selections, inline or as a popover. You can disable the selection of weekends, set an allowed date range (min and max dates displayed) and customize colors. The component also keeps improving for responsive views.

VueCtkDateTimePicker Date & Time Picker Component
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Bryntum Calendar

The calendar solution by Bryntum is a performance-optimized component for advanced use cases. It's a JS calendar that comes with a Vue wrapper and demos for Vue 2 and 3.

It's not a date picker at all, but more like a full-fledged event calendar application supporting recurring tasks, filtering, ICS export and lots of customization options. It also provides multiple view modes like agenda, day, week, month and year views.

Bryntum Calendar Calendar Component
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Vue Simple Calendar 685

Vue Simple Calendar is a lightweightevent calendar component available in a Vue 2 and Vue 3/Vite version. It's a themeable solution based on a flexbox layout, supporting drag-and-drop multi-day events.

While it offers a solid foundation, it is very clear about not trying to be a one-size-fits-all component that supports every specific use case. It does not f.ex. offer an interface for adding events to the calendar.

Vue Simple Calendar Event Calendar Component
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