Best Vue.js Notification Components 2021

Not all notifications are created equal! Styling, animation and position all matter when pushing a notification you want to be read.

I've collected some of my favourite, versatile (and mostly lightweight) Vue.js Notification, Alert & Toast Components in this article!

I'll keep the list updated if I stumble upon a new awesome library! If you think I should include one in particular, just tell me via Twitter (@MadeWithVueJS).

Vue Toasted  2061

For toasts (informational notifications), I love the Vue Toasted library! The notifications can be configured with custom actions, duration, text and icons (Material Icons, Fontawesome or Material Design Icons). Besides 3 available styles you can also choose whether the toast should be displayed full-width.

Browser support is awesome, as well as touch- and mobile-compatibility.

Vue Toasted also is officially used by Nuxt.js!

minified & gzipped: 17.8KB

Vue Toasted Touch-compatible Toast Plugin
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Vue Toastification 1154

Vue Toastification offers simple and lightweight toast notifications with built-in Nuxt support. It's written in TypeScript and supports Vue 2 or Vue 3 & the Composition API.

Feature-wise it offers a lot of flexibility for it's weight: swipe to close, progress bars and various customizations.

This library is super easy to set up. Nice one – go use it!

minified & gzipped: 5KB

Vue Toastification Notification Component
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Vue SweetAlert

SweetAlert 13655 has been my go-to library for JavaScript alerts forever. There are Vue wrappers available like Vue SweetAlert 2 504.

This library is very flexible: The alerts can be configured with buttons/actions, text, icons and various closing triggers. But besides simple alert popups Sweet Alerts also support more complex use-cases like nested alerts or the use of AJAX functions.

The design of the alert popups fits many project styles out-of-the-box - I rarely have to customize heavily. But you can of course use your own styling and content templates.

The default animations of the popup box and the icons included are timed well but can get a bit annoying if the user will see these notifications a lot.

From a usability perspective, I usually use SweetAlert for actionable and more important notifications, like when I need the user confirm the deletion of an item in a CRUD view.

vue-sweetalert2 – minified & gzipped: 31KB

Vue SweetAlert2 Wrapper for Sweetalert2
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Vue Notification  2189

vue-notification is a simple and pretty lightweight notification library. 

You can choose between CSS and velocity-Animations for your notifications and customize duration, speed, positions and size. It offers 3 styles for success / error / warning alerts, but custom templating and styling is also possible.

Despite being a bit more limited, this library covers everything I usually need in notifications without unnecessary overhead.

minified & gzipped: 4.2KB

Vue Notification Notification Library
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vue-notifications  670

This last one is actually not a notification library, but it may be useful for some of you nonetheless! vue-notifications is a bridge between your app and notification libraries.

You can use it to make sure your code is library-agnostic, meaning you can replace the UI library you're using without having to rewrite your code.

vue-notifications Library-agnostic Notifications
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