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Tool to discover Engineering Blogs

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Tool to discover Engineering Blogs

"I've always learned a ton by reading engineering blogs. So I wanted to build a simple tool that would help me find articles talking about specific problems and then look up different takes on the same topic. Blogboard does just that.

Having indexed thousands of blog posts from past several years, the search enables you to find write ups on topics such as "code reviews", "engineering interviews", "data science in marketing".

These blogs, coming from direct experience of engineers and product people are usually highly relevant when looking for inspiration. Blogboard also has several features you'd expect from a reader app - you can follow sources, create bookmarks and collections, get weekly digest emails covering topics of your choice. "More like this" search gives you similar articles to any article you've found in the collection.

The frontend was built using Vue.js & Vuetify. It's compiled for production and served by a Python (Flask/uWSGI) backend."


Drazen Zaric

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