A collection of web projects made with vue.js

Vue Carousel 3D

Beautiful, flexible and touch-friendly 3D Carousel for Vue.js

Vue Chat Scroll

Keep scrollables scrolled to the bottom.


A QRCode Component for Vue.js 2

Intro to Vue.js: Rendering, Directives, and Events

First part of this 5 part Vue.js series

Vue Masonry

Vue.js 2 directive for masonry block layouts

Vue Factory

A simple factory/provider extension for Vue.js, like services in Angular.


Job Posting, or SAAS Promo - contact armin@nifty.at

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Vue ScrollTo

A Vue.js directive that scrolls to elements.


A tiny event library for Vue.js

Bitly Vue.js

A simple Vue.js example app to shorten urls, using the Bitly API.

Vue Radial Progress

Radial progress bar component for Vue.js

Vue Droppler

A Vue.js 2 component for creating fixed position "dropdown" content using drop.js.

Vue Datasource

A Vue.js server side component to create dynamic tables.

Keen UI

A lightweight collection of essential UI components inspired by Material Design.

Vuex Basement

Vuex state persistance and synchronization between tabs/windows.

Vue Masked Input

Simple masked input component for Vue.js