A collection of web projects made with vue.js

Thumbnail Slider

Thumbnail Slider is a simple slider for a list of images which can be used in photo albums likewise and has both row and column modes.


TinyMCE for Vue.js


A Vue.js plugin that simplifies Vuex handling


Mobile web UI Components based on Vue.js and WeUI.

Norch Vue.js App

A Vue.js frontend to the search engine norch / search-index.

Vue Instagram

Fetch Instagram feeds with Vue.js


Job Posting, or SAAS Promo - contact armin@nifty.at

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Vue Stash

Easily share reactive data between components.

Vue Calculator

A simple calculator built with Vue.js

Vue Social Sharing

A Vue.js component for sharing links to social networks.

Vue Audio

A Vue.js audio player UI

Mint UI

Mobile UI elements for Vue.js

V-model Support for Custom Vue.js Components

Adding v-model Support to Custom Vue.js Components

Vue Parallax

Fast 60fps parallax scroll effects


An escape hatch directive for DOM Elements in Vue.js components.

Keen UI

A lightweight collection of essential UI components inspired by Material Design.