A collection of web projects made with vue.js

Floor 23

A tool for creative writers to write in a fun, distraction free interface.


A semantic component framework that utilizes Material Design.

Write unit tests with Tape

Write blazing fast Vue unit tests with Tape and Vue Test Utils

Unit Testing Vue.js with the Vue Testing Tools and Jest

Learn how to write unit tests with the official VueJS tools and the Jest framework.


The official unit testing utility library for Vue.js.


Learn how to do TDD for your Vue components.

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Find How To Help

Find useful informations on how to help. 💪

Vue simple floating labels

Simple floating labels for Vue.js


A Vue.js component to show and hide components based on breakpoints.

Masonry Grid Showcase

Offline First Masonry Grid Showcase with Vue.js


Customizable progress indicators and spinners that support any custom SVG path.


Awesome CSS list scroll effects for Vue.js


A pull-down refresh and pull-up load more and infinite scroll component for Vue.js.


A small wrapper for integrating SweetAlert to Vue.js.

Vue Noty

A Vue JS wrapper around Noty