A collection of web projects made with vue.js

Vue Star

✨ Awesome button animations powered by Vue.js

Vue Checkbox Switch

A simple Vue.js component for switch style checkboxes.

Vue Toasted

Responsive Touch Compatible Toast plugin


Lightweight CMS as a Service!

Vue Isotope

Vue component for Isotope

Vue Quasar Admin Example

An Example of a powerful Quasar Admin Area!

Win a full Year of Laracasts, a Spark License or a full copy of F-Bar !


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Vue Impress

Inspired by impress.js. Supports Vue.js 2

Remote Pad GUI

Electron app to lauch emulators on your desktop and connect your smartphone as controller.


A semantic component framework that utilizes Material Design.


A Cross-platform, Markdown Formatted, Note Taking Application

Vue Trend

Simple, elegant spark lines for Vue.js

Onsen UI for Vue.js 2

Complete set of Vue.js 2 components to create hybrid & mobile web apps.

Vue Carousel 3D

Beautiful, flexible and touch-friendly 3D Carousel for Vue.js

Vue Data Tables

Vue.js 2 DataTables with custom filter and sort.


Float label pattern for Vue.js