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Vue Trend Simple, elegant spark lines for Vue.js
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Vue Echarts ECharts component for Vue.js.
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vue-echarts-v3 Vue.js 2 component wrapper for ECharts.js
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Vue Morris Vue-Morris is a vue.js wrapper for morris.js
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vue-chartjs Vue-ChartJS is a vue.js wrapper for chart.js
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You can't master Programming just by reading books, but it will surely help you get started. Have a look at some of our preferred Vue.js Books to dive 🏊 into your new favourite Framework! The entries are sorted by new, not by preference as every one...
Hit The Ground Running With Vue.js And Firestore [via SmashingMag]
10.04.2018  •  in #Bookmarks
Vue.js is a great starting point for prototyping your next product idea! ⚙️ We love how quick & flexible we can be with it! Firestore (the data storage by Google Firebase) is a great companion for Vue.js, as it's equally flexible while remaining hi...
The best Vue.js Admin Dashboards
16.04.2018  •  in #Frameworks
As admin dashboards usually rely heavily on JavaScript, it was just a matter of time until beautiful Dashboards & Templates built with Vue.js begin to emerge! In this post, you'll find a growing collection of  💰 premium and free Vue.js Admin Template...