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Design System Boilerplate

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Design System Boilerplate

"CION is a design system built primarily for Vue.js applications. You can use it as a starting point for building your own design system. The system utilizes design tokens, a living style guide with integrated code playgrounds and reusable components for common UI tasks."


Jörg Bayreuther

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Vue Layout System Layouting Components
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 1.222
vue-notifications Library-agnostic Notifications
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 2.294
Sentry for Vue Vue Application Monitoring
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Laravel Auth SPA SPA Boilerplate using Vue 3, Laravel, Vite & TailwindCSS
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 2.531
Vue Social Chat Messaging Widget
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 6.645