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NFT Art Collection

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NFT Art Collection

"CryptoArte is a multi-disciplinary project that blends together the Ethereum network, an art collection, a non-fungible token, and a decentralized application. The CryptoArte collection consists of 9,895 unique paintings. Each painting represents 576 consecutive blocks of the Ethereum blockchain through a meaningful combination of shapes, colors, decorations, and more.

The CryptoArte website allows you to browse through the entire collection. Each painting has its own page with three public image versions of the painting. The website is also an Ethereum Dapp that integrates with web3, MetaMask, and other mobile wallet/browsers such as Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet.

This integration allows users to purchase paintings with ether, and securely download full resolution images of their paintings free of charge (by signing a transaction with the account that owns the corresponding token). It also allows painting owners to order signed prints.

It is built with Vuex, Vuetify, VueFire etc."

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