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Push your Project to Thousands of Vue.js Enthusiasts! gets ~150,000+ page views per month (April 2018). Our newsletter has 850+ subscribers and is sent out monthly. And we Tweet out to 6000+ followers.

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€ 89 ( incl Vat )
500 - 1000 Views (est)
350 - 600 Clicks (est)
1 Week Frontpage Feature
1 Tweet

Book Package
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€ 199 ( incl Vat )
1000 - 2000 Views (est)
700 - 1200 Clicks (est)
2 Weeks Frontpage Feature
1 Week Slider Feature
2 Tweets
1 Newsletter Ad

Book Package
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€ 399 ( incl Vat )
2000 - 4000 Views (est)
1500 - 2500 Clicks (est)
1 Month Frontpage Feature
2 Weeks Slider Feature
4 Tweets
1 Newsletter Ad
1 Sitewide Ad

Book Package

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