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Vue 3 Form Builder Library

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Vue 3 Form Builder Library

"SurveyJS is a product suite of open-source JavaScript form libraries with native Vue3 rendering. It uses JSON for survey metadata and results.

You can load and run web forms, or set up your own self-hosted form management system fully integrated in your IT. You have total freedom as to the backend, as it integrates with any server and database.

SurveyJS offers a lot of flexibility in controlling UI design through CSS classes, changing survey questions rendering and behavior, or even adding new question types. The form builder comes with a CSS-based Theme Editor—a set of UI controls for form styling. Any alterations you make, from colors to fonts and layouts, are immediately visible. You can save your customized themes in JSON and reuse them across surveys.

You can render your custom surveys and forms as editable PDF files directly in a browser, and visualize survey results using interactive charts and tables.

The website offers 200+ demos with code examples in pure Vue3 to assist you on achieving any task!"

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