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Form Library

"Painless Vue forms: The form library vee-validate takes care of value tracking, validation, errors, submissions and more.

Most form libraries will save you a lot of time, but vee-validate tackles the major pain points of forms and then gets out of your way, some of those are:

  • Form state and value tracking
  • UX
  • Synchronous and asynchronous validation
  • Handling submissions

vee-validate tries to handle all of the above and more by providing abstractions to these problems without any UI. This could be viewed as a double-edged sword, however, overriding UI and styles was the downfall of many component libraries and design languages.

Because of that, vee-validate abstracts away the hard parts into pure logic compositions that you can add to your existing UI and component. There is nothing to override, there is no hidden cost. You can also use vee-validate to power your components internally, and as a result you can build up your form library without having to think about the hard parts."


Abdelrahman Awad

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