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Collection of Vue Composition API Utils

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Collection of Vue Composition API Utils

"VueUse is a collection of utility functions based on Composition API, working for Vue 2.x and 3.x. It's inspired by react-use.

This package aims to provide a fast and clean way to use the Vue Composition API and helps you be prepared for the changes in Vue 3.0."


Anthony Fu

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Vue Composable Collection of Composition API Components
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 4.133
v-bucket State Management for Vue 3.0
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 303
Sentry for Vue Vue Error Monitoring
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v-mask Input Mask Directive
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 3.177
VueHooks Collection of Utility Composition Functions
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 1.679