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UI components powered by Finite State Machines

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UI components powered by Finite State Machines

"Zag is a new approach to the component design process, designed to help you avoid re-inventing the wheel and build better UI components regardless of framework. Heavily inspired by XState, but built to make it easier to maintain, test, and enhance.

With Zag, we're abstracting the complex logic for many components into a cohesive, framework-agnostic system — giving you complete control over styling and providing a thin adapter for your favorite framework.

It offers a collection of UI component patterns like accordion, menu, and dialog that can be used to build your design systems.

The component interactions are modelled in a framework agnostic way, but Zag provides an adapter for Vue."



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Vue Masked Input Masked Form Input
icon-eye-dark Created with Sketch. 24.533
Vue Hotel Datepicker Date-Range Picker Component
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