Podcasts for Vue Devs

Podcasts are a mixture of audio books and good conversations. As a developer, you can learn a lot by listening to pros talking about their view on things and day-to-day experiences on coding podcasts.

If you're not yet in love with the format, we might change your opinion with this list of awesome podcasts for Vue.js developers!

Vue.js-related Podcasts

The official Vue.js News

This is the ultimate source to stay on top of changes in the Vue ecosystem. Accompanying the official news site & newsletter, there's the podcast run by Gregg Pollack, Adam Jahr and Ben Hong. They publish one short and sweet episode per month – just around 5-10 minutes – to help you stay on top of all changes and greatness within the Vue ecosystem.

👉️ Listen to The Official Vue News

Views on Vue

Views on Vue is a weekly panel discussion with devs from the Vue community about personal stories & insights, as well as the ecosystem and tools in general. It has over 100 of episodes available already!

👉️ Listen to Views on Vue

Enjoy the Vue

This Vue-podcast just started this year, and it's a great addition! It's run by Chris Fritz, Elizabeth Fine, Ben Hong and Ari Clark, who were previously hosts on Views on Vue as well. They publish a new episode every week and bring on interesting guests from the community, as well as do panel discussions about different vue-related topics.

👉️ Listen to Enjoy the Vue

General Dev Podcasts Vue devs should listen to

Front End Happy Hour

On this podcast, you can listen to engineers from Netflix (Jem Young), Twitch (Augustus Yuan), Atlassian (Stacy London) & Airbnb (Ryan Burgess) talk about all topics related to frontend development about 2 times per month. They do panel discussions while sipping their afterwork drinks 😉

There's a recent episode with Sarah Drasner & Gift Egwuenu completely dedicated to Vue as well!

👉️ Listen to the Front End Happy Hour Podcast

🐞 The Ladybug Podcast

This podcast will help you be a better developer and human. It's about coding & career, and is run by Emma Bostian, Ali Spittel and Kelly Vaughn.

They have been talking about topics like how to build a resume or personal branding, web performance, working remotely, GraphQL, entrepreneurship,.. and they also have a monthly book club!

👉️ Listen to the Ladybug Podcast

Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio is the podcast of Adam Wathan, which is all about building good software products. This includes design and UX, but of course also a lot of JS & coding.

There's a recent episode with Even You about What's coming in Vue 3!

👉️ Listen to Full Stack Radio

Real Talk Javascript

A podcast about the real-life challenges of being a developer, and stories full of practical insights. John Papa, Ward Bell, Dan Wahlin and occasionally Craig Shoemaker discuss topics like real-world testing, live coding or automating things with their guests.

There's a recent episode about Nuxt with Alexander Lichter.

👉️ Listen to Real Talk Javascript

JavaScript Jabber

JavaScript Jabber publishes one new episode each week, and they have been around for quite some time now (over 400 episodes already!). They talk about everything JavaScript – how it's evolving, frameworks like Vue, testing, and more. They also bring on a lot of interesting guests!

👉️ Listen to JavaScript Jabber

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