The best Vue.js Frameworks

Vue.js is trending ( 136188 ) since 2015 - Despite initially being written by just one person, Vue.js has been widely adopted by many Developers and is on par with Angular.js and React.js.

To help you kickstart your own Vue.js projects, there's a variety of frameworks ready to use. Here's an overview that'll be updated and extended over time.

last edited - 30.08.2018


Vuetify  18295 is a Material Design component framework for Vue.js that empowers developers to create amazing applications fast and efficiently. All of the framework components are meticulously crafted to provide an easy to use interface while still maintaining the flexibility for seriously complex implementations. From first time developer to veteran, Vuetify has you covered.

Vuetify.js A semantic component framework that utilizes Material Design.
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Build responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) and Electron apps, all simultaneously using the same codebase, powered with Vue.  9484

Quasar-Framework High Performance Full Frontend Stack
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A responsive Vue UI library  1337 based on the front-end framework UIkit.

Vuikit A responsive Vue UI library based on the front-end framework UIkit
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Vuecidity is a free component library for Vue.js, inspired by Google Material Design and Bootstrap. It provides developers with a huge set of 30+ UI components, 24-column responsive layout grid system, styles and colours, beautifully crafted form elements and a couple of useful Vue directives.

Vuecidity Component Library for Vue.js, based on Material Design & Bootstrap
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Vuesax  3020 is a library of vue js components that facilitate the frontend and streamlines the work with great visual quality.

Vuesax A growing Vue.js UI library
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Bootstrap components built with Vue.js. No jQuery, bootstrap.js, or any 3rd party plugins required.  4823

VueStrap Bootstrap components built with Vue.js
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Buefy  5348 is a lightweight library of UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma framework and design.

Buefy Lightweight UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma
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A Vue Admin Panel Framework 9130, Powered by Vue.js and Bulma.

vue-admin Vue Admin Panel Framework
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Element Ui

Element 36856, a Vue 2.0 based component library for developers, designers and product managers.

Element UI UI Toolkit
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Vue Material

Vue Material  7793 is lightweight framework built exactly according to the Material Design specs. Build powerful and well-designed web apps that can fit on every screen!

Vue Material Material Design Framework for Vue.js
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Bootstrap Vue

Bootstrap-Vue  8657 provides a very comprehensive implementation of Bootstrap V4 components and grid system available for Vue.js 2.4+, complete with extensive and automated WAI-ARIA accessibility markup.

Bootstrap Vue Bootstrap Implementation for Vue.js
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Framework 7

Bring components-syntax, structured data and data bindings to Framework7  14170 with power and simplicity of Vue.js

Framework 7 Full Featured HTML Framework for Building iOS & Android Apps
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Vue Blu

A flexible and powerful UI components library  1483 for developing fast and powerful web application

Vue Blu UI Components Library
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Keen UI

A lightweight collection of essential UI components  3681 written with Vue.js and inspired by Material Design.

Keen UI UI components inspired by Material Design
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Mint UI

Mint UI  14029 provides abundant CSS and JS components for building mobile applications. With it, you can create web pages in cohesive style ever faster. Thanks to the efficient component-based approach of Vue.js, Mint UI is pretty light-weight. When all imported, the compressed code takes only ~30kb (JS + CSS) gzip space.

Mint UI Mobile UI elements for Vue.js
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Mobile UI Components based on Vue & WeUI  15523

Vux Mobile web UI Components based on Vue.js and WeUI
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Onsen UI for Vue.js 2

Complete set of Vue.js 2 components  7364 to create hybrid & mobile web apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. Write code once and get it autostyled for each platform.

Onsen UI for Vue.js 2 Open-Source Framework to create PWAs & hybrid apps
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A high-quality UI Toolkit  20874 built on Vue.js with dozens of useful and beautiful components, built with a friendly API - made for people with any skill level.

iView Vue.js UI Toolkit
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Semantic UI Vue

Semantic UI Vue  699 is the Vue integration for Semantic UI. It is highly inspired by Semantic UI React If you have used it already, you will find Semantic UI Vue's API to be almost the same.

Semantic UI Vue The Vue.js integration for Semantic UI
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Vue Now UI Kit

A UI Kit designed by Invision, coded by Creative Tim: you can't go wrong with this one! We love, love, love the design. The Vue Now UI Kit is based on the Now UI Kit by Invision (You can download it as a starting point in Sketch or Photoshop, if you ever want to extend the framework for your project!)

In the free version of this UI Kit, you'll get 50 UI Elements, 5 Customized Plugins and 3 Pages.

Vue Now UI Kit Free Bootstrap Vue.js UI Kit
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💰 Vue Now UI Kit PRO

The PRO version of the Now UI Kit (see above 👆) comes with 1.000 UI Elements, 8 Customized Plugins and 11 Example Pages.

It's a real comprehensive UI Library and can be used for example for blogs, product pages or company pages.

Vue Now UI Kit PRO Premium Bootstrap Vue.js UI Kit
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If you think I'm missing an essential entry on this list - just leave a comment or send me an email (!

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