Vue.js Books You Have to Read

You can't master programming just by reading books, but it will surely help you get started. Vue offers an excellent documentation, but books can guide you through developing your first SPAs, setting up testing or other topics more deeply when you need it. 

So have a look at some high-quality Vue.js Books to dive 🏊 into your new favourite framework!

The entries are sorted by new, not by preference as every one of you will need a different focus when learning Vue.js.

If you think I'm missing an essential entry on this list - just send me an email ( or tweet @madewithvuejs or @arminulrich!

Large Scale Apps with Vue 3 and TypeScript

Damiano Fusco wrote a guide on how to handle large code bases. It offers a step-by-step walkthrough of strategies for organizing, writing and maintaining scalable (enterprise) apps.

It's available in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French and written for a beginner-to-intermediate audience.

published 03/2021

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Fullstack Vue added a Vue.js Guide to their collection of awesome developer ressources! It's a very practical book written by Hassan Djirdeh that will get you coding in no time. You can also buy additional screencasts for more in-depth guidance! 

We especially love that the guide will be updated regularly to keep it up-to-date.

republished with additional Vue 3 content 02/2021, originally published 03/2018, continually updated

Fullstack Vue 3 The Complete Guide to Vue.js
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Design Patterns for Vue.js

Lachlan Miller put together an ebook showing you how to build apps that you'll enjoy maintaining later.

It's the book you want to read when the first rush of excitement of using Vue in production gives way to the messy problems that maintaining an app (at scale) always brings. While it does include examples, it's not really about the code, but about concepts that help you write consistent, testable, maintainable Vue apps.

published 12/2020, continually updated

Design Patterns for Vue.js A Test-driven Approach to maintainable Applications
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Vue 3 Cookbook

Heitor Ramon Ribeiro wrote one of the first comprehensive books guiding you through building comprehensive single page apps (SPAs) with the new features of Vue 3 and TypeScript. It shows you how to migrate your Vue 2 apps to Vue 3 as well.

published 09/2020

Vue.js 3 Cookbook Discover actionable solutions for building modern web apps with Vue & TypeScript
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Testing Vue.js Applications

Edd Yerburgh, the author of the official testing utility, wrote this book to help you getting started with testing methods. It's full of practical examples, and it guides you through running tests for an app with the Jest framework. While it's focused on testing a Vue app, this will teach you all general best testing practices!

published 12/2018

Testing Vue.js Applications Testing Vue Components, Methods, Events & Output
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The Vue Handbook (free)

Flavio Copes put together a free 120-pages e-book full of Vue.js Essentials. Additionally, you’ll get his Vue Cheat Sheet, a printable reference for the most important directives, properties and methods to get started!

published 06/26/2018, updated with reader feedback

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Vue.js: Up and Running

This book by Callum Macrae starts with the basics of Vue.js and helps you become fit to develop a SPA with custom components by the end of it. It also talks about maintainable codebases and important Vue libraries for routing and state management.

published 03/2018

Vue.js: Up and Running Building Accessible and Performant Web Apps
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Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5

This book will help you put together the building blocks of development. Frontend & Backend. Vue.js, Vuex, Laravel, Webpack, VueRouter, Passport,.. learn how to use it all together in a single app.

published 12/28/2017

Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 Bring the Frontend and Backend together with Vue, Vuex, and Laravel
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Vue.js 2 Web Development Projects

While also covering all the basics to help you publish your own apps with Vue.js, this book also gives you advice on important "side-issues" like SEO, build tools and preprocessors, SSR, UX and animations. It gives valuable directions for (new-ish) developers, guiding through the process of building 6 different applications from scratch.

published 11/30/2017

Vue.js 2 Web Development Projects Learn Vue.js with this guide that shows you how to build 6 different web apps
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The Majesty of Vue.js 2

The second and updated version of "The Majesty of Vue.js" is directed to developers new to the framework and those who want to migrate to Vue.js 2. Through easy-to-follow examples and exercises you will learn to apply the concepts presented in the book.

published 07/20/2017

The Majesty of Vue.js 2 Learn Vue.js 2 from scratch
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