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Weight Loss Accountability App

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Weight Loss Accountability App

"To be able to lose weight I need a good incentive. And for me that incentive is public accountability. This little app shows how much weight I have lost and it tweets an update into the world every time I step on the scale.

In February 2020 I’m speaking at the Front-end Developer Love conference and by that time I want to weigh ~95kg.

Fatty is a PWA which was build with Vue.js. The weight data is stored using Netlify CMS and the site is hosted on the Netlify platform. It is a JAMstack app in all its glory.

The moment I enter a weight value, Netlify uses a post-deploy web hook which calls an Azure lambda function which in turn tweets my current weight loss data. This makes me publicly accountable. I better keep losing the weight or I look like an ass on stage at the conference."


Tim Benniks

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