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Firefly Pico

Companion Web App for the Firefly III Finance Manager

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Companion Web App for the Firefly III Finance Manager

"Firefly Pico is a delightful Firefly III companion web app for effortless transaction tracking.

For several years I've enjoyed tracking my expenses in proprietary mobile apps but after getting into self-hosting I've wondered if there is an alternative that gives me the same functionality without losing control over my data. I've came across Firefly III and I instantly fell in love with all of its features. Seeing that it offers a REST API I've decided to play with it and make a web app that feels mobile native. I also wanted to convince my significant other to use it and so I had to go for the extremely challenging “Wife Approval Certification”. That meant making the expense tracking process as short as possible all while still using tags and categories because who doesn't love some nice reports πŸ˜‡

Several (bad) ideas later I've come to this version: A transaction assistant 🎩

Firefly Pico is built using Laravel and Nuxt, with a custom UI theme based on the Vant UI library."


Mihai Cioraneanu

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