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Open-source Time Tracker

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Open-source Time Tracker

"solidtime is a modern open-source time tracking application for freelancers and agencies.

It features:

  • Time tracking: Track your time with a modern and easy-to-use interface
  • Projects: Create and manage projects and assign project members
  • Tasks: Create and manage tasks and assign tasks to project members
  • Clients: Create and manage clients and assign clients to projects
  • Billable rates: Set billable rates for projects, project members, organization members and organizations
  • Multiple organizations: Create and manage multiple organizations with one account
  • Roles and permissions: Create and manage organizations
  • Import: Import your time tracking data from other time tracking applications (Supported: Toggl, Clockify, Timeentry CSV)

solidtime is built using Laravel and Vue.js. You can self-host it or use the hosted cloud service (currently in open beta)."

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