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Vuestic Admin

Open-source Vue 3 Admin Template

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Open-source Vue 3 Admin Template

"Vuestic Admin is an open-source admin template based on Vue 3, Vite, Pinia, and Tailwind CSS, developed and supported by the Epicmax Team. It’s no longer just a collection of components; now, it’s packed with engaging, interactive pages designed to enhance your projects.

What pages do developers most often need Dashboard, Settings Page, Profile, User and Project List, Login, Billing, Pricing Plans — they are all already in Vuestic Admin.

  • Fast Setup: With Vue 3 and Vite, get going fast.
  • Responsive design for any device.
  • Dark Theme.
  • Global Configuration.
  • Accessibility.
  • i18n Integration.

You can also use Vuestic Admin as an educational resource - it's great for picking up new skills!"



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