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Vue Grid Component

"The Kendo UI Native Grid is a component within the KendoUI library built exclusively for Vue. While we have the Kendo UI jQuery Grid wrapper for Vue, we decided to go fully native, in order to give you the possibility to get an advantage of the framework features, such as full templating and Vue reactivity.

Of course, the mandatory inbuilt features are also present - filtering, paging, sorting, virtualization, as well as the possibility to style and customize the widget in a preferable manner (using our Sass Themebuilder app).

Due to the fact that we've put a lot of effort into creating a widget, build from scratch especially for Vue, we are currently evaluating and listening to feedback. It is you, who can validate the continuation of the effort, to go for a full KendoVue Native suite (we already have covered the Kendo UI wrappers for Vue) so we are truly open to any feedback you might have. Enjoy!"


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