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Shopping Cart Platform

"Add e-commerce to any site in minutes. Snipcart is HTML/JS-based and works with tools you love: SSG, headless/traditional CMS, JS frameworks, SPA,..

In this version, we focused on our client-facing JS shopping cart:

  • It doesn’t depend on any third-party libraries in the global scope (bye jQuery). We used modern tools like Vue.js, but worked hard so you don’t have to deal with them while integrating.
  • This new design is sober, built to fit most websites with little changes. We followed best UX practices for a conversion-centric checkout flow and also used a mobile-first approach.
  • We made it easier to inject your aesthetics through the checkout. We now have an HTML-like syntax making it easy to play with cart components.

Snipcart still offers a hosted dashboard for store management: discounts, abandoned carts, payment gateways, shipping, invoicing, multi-currency, taxes, & more. Feel free to check out our new documentation! Snipcart is forever free in Test mode.

Besides Vue.js, we use TypeScript & Redux. The goal was to offer a 100% tech-agnostic shopping cart, but devs who know their way around Vue.js might have an easier time pushing the customization further."

Read more about Snipcart's stack decisions and migration process on their blog:



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