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Component Library for Interactive Visualizations

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Component Library for Interactive Visualizations

"Building interactive visualizations on the web can be hard, and it can be even harder when you would like to leverage existing visualization libraries inside a Vue.js project. The goal of Vuesalize is to simplify this process by providing a set of chart components (and a couple other components) that are commonly used in building interactive visualizations on the web.

The charts are built using a combination of Vue.js and D3.js. The main rationale for this approach is to fully embrace the Vue paradigm and move the SVG definitions to the template (HTML), which allows Vue to handle creating and removing elements on the page. This is analogous to the "enter/update/exit" strategy used in D3 but specifically taking advantage of the virtual DOM.

By building charts where the SVG is defined in Vue's template, we can not only send down props to update the chart, but can also emit events on interactions (e.g. click, mousover, etc.) and offer scoped slots for custom tooltips!"


Harout Boujakjian

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