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Wedding Planner App

"Wedy is a one-stop-shopping for weddings where the couples can plan and organize every little big detail about their weddings, getting inspiration, planning the budget, receiving gifts and picking the right vendors.

In order to distinguish our products from the competition and to make them a better fit of the needs and wants of our customers, we’re entering deep on AI to get knowledge extracted from data mining experimentations to identify patterns and contexts to produce a high-fidelity map of general wedding perspective. A machine learning algorithm uses historical wedding data to create a model that addresses the individual answers to forecasting wedding costs of every single newlywed couple.

Vue was the perfect solution to create a marketplace with social features to keep the users engaged while they are planning and organizing their weddings. We released the solution as a PWA (and with Android releases built by Capacitor integration) and we're getting a lot of traction in our business strategy with a high-velocity engineering team."

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