Our favourite Games made with Vue.js 👾

There are a lot of really cute Vue.js game experiments around! Many of them helped their developers learn to understand Vue.js better.

Here, I collect our favourite games #madewithvuejs! This list will grow over time, and it's in no particular order.

2048 Game

Remember that highly addictive sliding block puzzle game from 2014? Yeah, it's still exactly as addictive in this Vue.js version of it!

2048 Game A 2048 type Game built with Vue.js
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This is not a game in the traditional sense.

Habitica helps you to form habits in daily life – like flossing your teeth, going for a run in the mornings or meditate – with a gamified app concept. You get in-game rewards and punishment for completing or neglecting your tasks in real life.

Couple that with its cute pixel-graphics and you got a productivity app that sticks. There are already 3 million people using the app and transforming their habits.

Habitica Gamified Habit Tracker App
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PipQuest is a puzzle game played on a cube. You move between the sides of the cube to light "pips" with your torch while avoiding monsters and solving quests.

You can read up on the development of the game on Gregor Terrill's Blog! It's interesting how he constructed the 3D world and transitions.

PipQuest A retro-style puzzle game built in Vue
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Vue Tetris

You know this one. It's the game classic Tetris, developed with Vue.js and vuex. You just have to hum the Tetris tunes for yourselves 😉

Vue Tetris Tetris built with Vue.js and Vuex
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Rotten Soup

This roguelike is built with Vue.js and Vuetify. It currently features three areas to explore and a lot of unique characters. There's a lot of attention to detail, and we enjoyed walking around in its little world.

The game is still under development and you can find it's source code on GitHub.

Rotten Soup A roguelike built with Rot.js and Vue.js
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Coopera is a multiplayer experiment. If you really want to make it fun, you have to play it with at least one other person. The avatar moves in certain intervals and you can choose its directions with your arrow keys. What makes it interesting: All people playing control the same avatar and you have to collaborate to not bump into obstacles.

A nice idea, developed with Vue.js and Python Flask. You can also check out the Source Code!

Coopera A Cooperative Multiplayer Game
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Space Snake

Star Wars & Snake – what else could you need for a fun game? Space Snake is a Desktop Game built with Electron, Vue.js and Vuex.

Space Snake 🚀🐍 A Desktop Snake-Game built with Electron and Vue.js
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Slider Puzzle

I still remember the analogue version of these puzzles! This Vue.js version has been built by @notphanan just for fun. It lets you choose your own image as well as the size of the puzzle.

Slider Puzzle A simple slider puzzle built with Vue
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Vue.js Game Tutorials

If you're inspired to make your own game with Vue.js now, go and check out the following tutorials:

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